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Project Description

When you want your guests to be totally immersed in your event from the moment they set foot inside, our signage is the perfect solution to set the scene and create the mood.

The flexibility and adaptability of our signage, the different mediums available and the size and quality of our prints, ensure that we can brand just about anything, anywhere.

When you’re hosting the biggest management event in Australia, you’ve got to look the part and provide some creature comforts for your guests.

For the Qualtrics X4 Sydney event at ICC, our signage was the perfect backdrop for the guests to immerse themselves and the charging stations created out a combination of Cube and Double Sided FABframe profiles provided the creature comfort of battery life!

For this event we printed and installed branding, wayfinding and sponsorship signage, multimedia walls, pillar branding and charging stations.

19m x 5m entrance feature with two doorways

FABframe structures supporting TV screens, 5m x 2.7m

FABframe wall supporting TV.

Double sided charging stations ensure that guests can easily plug in, recharge and stay connected.